Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Inspiration comes from many different sources...

This really touched me today and I will keep it close for a while and make it my truth.

"True art means if it helps you become silent, still, joyous; if it gives you a celebration, if it makes you dance-whether anybody participates with you or not is irrelevant If it becomes a bridge between you and God, that is true art. If it becomes a meditation, that is true art. If you become absorbed in it, so utterly absorbed that the ego disappears, that is true art.
...Art can be the most prayerful thing, the most meditative thing possible.  If you can be in any art, music, painting, sculpture, dance, if any art can take a grip on your being, that's the best way to pray, the best way to meditate.  Then you don't need any other meditation, that is your meditation.  That will lead you slowly, slowly, step by step, into God.  So this is my criterion: if it leads you toward God, it is true art, it is authentic art"

 - Osho, Creativity, Unleashing the Forces Within

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