Wednesday, April 17, 2013

A whole new medium! Welcome to printmaking 101!

Just as I decided to jump back into drawing by taking a drawing class at my new workplace, Atelier 6000, I also was asked to join in on an intro to printmaking class as well.  I have never really known much about printmaking, but seeing the studio has made me curious for sure!  So, Monday evening was my first foray into printmaking.  It was a blast!!  I could see how this could be addicting too!  Not much in the world of art isn't interesting to me though, so now I have a new avenue for my art inclinations!

Enjoy the best two prints I made Monday.

The first one, First Love, is the original monotype print, meaning it's the first run through the print press.


Then we ran it through again, using wet paper and I tweaked a few things to get a slightly different image.  The second run through of a monotype print is called the "ghost".


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