Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Almost to the halfway mark!

Another day down and I am still alive enough to type!  That's a good day in my books!

This morning's 7am class was a KILLER!  Phew.  Nobody should sweat that much that early in the morning!

We had lots of observing and some teacher training DVDs to watch too, but boy, those classes of Richard's are tough.   I am using muscles I haven't even talked to in years - except maybe on the massage table.  Wishing I could indulge in a massage right now.

More to come about the adventures of a middle aged woman gone crazy enough to think she can do a month long yoga intensive....

Brittany (making a funny face at me), observing a beginner class this morning, with Carlijn, an Iyengar teacher trainee from Amsterdam that joined us for the week while she is passing through.  She's amazing at yoga and good fun too.

A pic of the beginner class doing Uttthita Trikonasana stretch on the wall.

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