Monday, September 17, 2012

Monday - enough said

Now that I am starting the third tortuous week of this yoga teacher training, I have to say my body is toughening up, and I am much less tired than I was at the beginning.  The first week I napped daily at lunch just to keep up with the long days and many classes, now I just don't need that nap anymore!  :o)

I am truly enjoying this training, but also I am so ready to be home again.  I have learned a lot - both of what I want to do and what I don't want to do.  It's always interesting to come in contact with different styles of teaching and allowing that to help you grow your own style even further.

The ladies that are traveling this path alongside me are pretty spectacular human beings.  I am so grateful for the universe picking them to journey with me!  They are smart, funny, sweet, caring and above all they are genuine and cool people!  They have made all this tolerable and that ha gotten me through the incredibly tough first week, through the emotional parts of the second week and now we are all smiling and laughing together as this third week begins.  I know we will all be wanting to return to our normal daily lives, but I know I will be taking a little piece of each of them with me and cherishing this time I had with them.

So, as Monday evening sets in, my body is pleasantly tired, but not exhausted.  My mind is still active and not wanting to just inspect the inside of my eyelids.  I feel like I climbed a mountain and now we only have a little way to go to reach the summit.  The last week I am hoping will be the descent.  Still hard work, but all down hill from there!

I am feeling pretty content that I reached deep within myself to not only sign up for this month long intensive, but that I came, I participated, I didn't give up and I am now feeling pretty good about how I tackled this challenge.  Hoorah!  I look forward to the last day when I can whoop it up and say, "I did it!!"

It's another long week ahead, but I am feeling much more confident that the training program isn't going to beat me and that if I can hang on a couple more weeks without my sweetheart, that I go home with a big smile and a much more supple body!


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