Sunday, September 16, 2012

Sunday's are for relaxing, right?

Usually my Sundays are fantastic.  It's a day that my husband, Matt, and I usually spend together and allow ourselves time to read, lounge and just be together.  However, since I have been in Seattle these past two weeks; Sunday being my only day off, I have not felt the peace that usually accompanies the last day of the weekend.  Now since I am stuck indoors for 12 hours of daylight six days of the week, I am compelled to do things like laundry, grocery shopping and the like on the only day that I have free.  Relaxing.  Not.

So.  That being said.

I am SO looking forward to relaxing, peaceful, loving Sundays again with my husband.  Yoga is wonderful.  My husband is wonderfuller.

Missing my love and my little doggie family.

Helen B. Gallaway
Solitary in Seattle  :(

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