Saturday, September 22, 2012

Sweet Saturday Night!

What a day.  What a week.  Honestly, what a month I have had.  It's the end of the third week of yoga teacher training and officially I will be graduated and headed home in one week's time now!  Woohoo!!

In some ways it has flown by, and in other ways it has been an eternity.  I don't regret any part of it, even the fact that my back is pretty sore and I am more tired than I have been in a long time.  I don't regret the time away from my sweetheart and home, although that has been a bigger challenge than the most challenging day of this whole teacher training.  I miss my home sweet home.

Tomorrow is our last day off and I am going to escort another one of my classmates to Whidbey Island for a day of exploring and fun.  So, tomorrow morning my little MINI and I are headed on the ferry to the island.  My plan is to drive the whole island (which I didn't do last time I was there), have lunch with Brittany and her beau and then have an amazing STEAK dinner before I head home for the evening.  No yoga, no pressure, no city driving, nothing but quiet and peace.  Glad I did my laundry for the week today instead of waiting for tomorrow.  Tomorrow will be a fun getaway before the last grueling week begins.

So, I am signing out for tonight.  Grabbing a snack and getting ready to sleep.
Sweet dreams and have a wonderful Sunday!  I know I will.

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